Blin Berdoniqi

Blin Berdoniqi

Blin Berdoniqi

Blin holds a Master of Science in Energy Policy from the University of Sussex.

He has worked as a Senior Officer for Energy Efficiency and Cogeneration with the Ministry of Economy since October 2019. Blin was engaged in many policy processes, including the Energy Strategy and Energy and Climate Plan.

In his previous experience, Blin has been engaged with KCDF as an academic researcher and has worked as a researcher and policy advisor for a few NGOs in Kosovo[1] (part-time).

Priorly he worked with Smart Bits as a Project Coordinator (2016-2018).

Currently, Blin serves as a Project Analyst for Green Transition at UNDP Kosovo. Blin was born in Gjakova in November 1995.

1[] All references to Kosovo in this document shall be understood in the context of UN Security Council Resolution 1244 (1999).