Operators of biomass power plants in public institutions were trained with the support of the EU and UNDP

More than 100 operators were trained in the correct management of biomass boilers, with the support of the „Addressing the impacts of the energy crisis in the Republic of Moldova“ programme, financed by the European Union, and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Moldova.

The trainings were organised by the Energy Efficiency Agency, in partnership with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development (MIRD) in several regions of the country and aimed at updating the knowledge of specialists that operate biomass boilers in public institutions.

The target group were the operators who have previously obtained the necessary qualifications and attended a professional training in the field of operating biomass boilers, which can be confirmed by a qualification certificate.

This activity is part of the MIRD plan to prevent and mitigate the impact of the energy crisis in case of limitation of natural gas supply and of the list of priorities for the development of the solid biomass market.

Thus, the operators studied the method of preparing the biomass boiler for the cold season, monitoring and supervision, servicing works, conservation at the end of the heating season, safety, and health rules at workplace.

In December, more than 100 biomass boilers operators were trained within the Excellence Centre in Construction and 100 biomass boilers in public institutions were inspected and verified by the experts of the “Addressing the impacts of the energy crisis in the Republic of Moldova” programme.

More than 300 solid biofuel thermal power plants are installed in public institutions in Moldova, with an installed capacity of about 70 MW. They can replace the consumption of up to 20 million m3 of natural gas per year, thus an amount of about 20 million dollars could remain in the country, at the disposal of local producers and GHG emissions will be reduced.

With a budget of €10 million, the “Addressing the impacts of the energy crisis in the Republic of Moldova” programme helps fight climate change by reducing the impact of the energy crisis and mitigating the burden of energy poverty.